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Terms & Conditions:
Voucher Terms & Conditions 22/10/16

BlackFrog Studios are pleased to offer the ‘Be a Pop Star’ experiences via their Black Frog Studio Pop Star Experience vouchers. You may be interested to read the below terms and conditions associated with voucher redemption and other Pop Star Experiences before and after purchasing the vouchers:
Voucher Offer:
Purchasing one BlackFrog Studios ‘Be a Pop Star Experience’ voucher at £59.00 is equal to 1 hours recording time and 1 hours mixing time at BlackFrog Studios. You may purchase as many vouchers as required at anyone time, providing extra hours of recording time at the studio.
For example 2 vouchers at a value of £118.00 will provide a 4-hour session at the studio. However BlackFrog Recording Studios reserves the right, (only where necessary due to studio availability), to book only 2 hour recording slots at a time per one voucher redemption. For example if purchasing a total of 2 vouchers at £118.00, BlackFrog Studios may have to book the recording sessions over 2 different recording times to make up the 4 hour voucher redemption. This principle is applied to all Blackfrog studios ‘pop star’ experiences, including parties and groups.
The voucher can to be redeemed anytime within a 12-month period from the purchase date and you may purchase as many vouchers as required at any one time. The booking and recording time is subject to studio opening times and availability. If you require a certain date and time for the voucher offer, please call or e-mail BlackFrog Studios before purchasing the vouchers to check availability.
The recording time covers the recording of singing against a professional backing track. Black Frog Studios has hundreds of popular songs available to choose from and the finished track will be presented to you on a CD or MP3 file format.
The track where possible must be decided within 4 days prior to when the recording is due to start. This means that the track must be agreed and confirmed back with BlackFrog Studios within 4 days prior to the recording day, this is due to confirmation and organisation of track availability. For preparation of the recording session at the studio, it is advised that songs are rehearsed and practised, so there is knowledge of the track in order to finish within the voucher offer of the 2-hour package.
Where possible, BlackFrog Studios can provide the words to songs upon request and if they are available.
Purchasing Vouchers:
You can purchase BlackFrog Studio ‘Be a Pop Star’ Experience vouchers one of two ways. Firstly by visiting the BlackFrog Studios website at www.blackfrogstudios.co.uk and clicking on the voucher link or via telephone at (01844) 218354.
Viewing/Receiving Your Voucher:
You can receive your voucher via the post – so please ensure your correct address details are given, or via email.
Please note, the voucher will be valid from the date of purchase for a 12-month period only. BlackFrog Studios reserves the right to void the voucher if the booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the confirmed/agreed date or if there is a “no show” on the day or if the booking is moved on a number of occasions where Black Frog Studios deems it necessary to void due to time wasting. If this is the case, there will be no cash or alternative refund made back.
Redeeming Your Voucher:
To redeem your voucher and book the BlackFrog Studio ‘Be a Pop Star’ Experience, you will need to call in on (01844) 218354 providing BlackFrog Studio’s with the voucher number and ideal dates/times of booking, plus to discuss the details of song choices etc. . It is advisable to provide BlackFrog Studios with plenty of time on booking dates, to avoid disappointment if the studio is not available on a chosen date.
Alternatively you can e-mail at info@blackfrogstudios.co.uk to request a call back from Black Frog Studios to arrange details. Please have your voucher number to quote when calling or e-mailing, the voucher number is clearly presented on either the e-mail or paper voucher. Black Frog Studios will confirm the date and time booked, plus song choice.
Please remember: – – The track where possible must be decided by 4 days prior to the recording date. – Provide Black Frog Studios with plenty of time for booking the experience (ideally 2 weeks prior to ideal date of recording) – Have the voucher number to hand for redemption purposes; the voucher can only be redeemed once. – Vouchers are valid for a 12 month period from the date of purchase. Vouchers cannot be redeemed after this period – Vouchers and experiences are non-refundable
Voucher & Experiences Terms & Conditions:
The specific redemption terms of any individual voucher will be stated on the voucher itself. However there are a number of general terms & conditions that apply to all Black Frog Studio Pop Star Experiences and vouchers as below: – Vouchers or ‘Pop Star’ / ‘Pop Group’ experiences are non-refundable and are not transferable or exchangeable for cash.
1. -Vouchers can only be redeemed once.
2. -All under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
3. –Minimum age requirement of all participating persons of 7 years of age.
4. –responsible person/parent or guardian will be held liable for any damages caused by the group or individuals and will be liable to refund any costs incurred by Blackfrog Studios Ltd. – We regret that the BlackFrog Studio ‘Be a Pop Star’ Experience vouchers cannot be redeemed against any other offer or service from BlackFrog Studios – Please note that change is not given should your recording be under two hours for whatever reason. – Where necessary vouchers are limited to one voucher per session. For example if purchasing a total of 2 vouchers at £98.00, BlackFrog Studios may have to book the recording sessions over 2 different recording times to make up the 4 hour voucher redemption. – Pop star / group experiences must not exceed there allocated time slot ie. a maximum of 4 hours for a pop star party and 2 hours for pop groups and pop stars. If experience does over run and blackfrog engineer agrees an extra charge of £20 per hour will be payable by the client. This charge will apply as of 10 mins into the hour so if the session over ran by 20 mins the full hour would be payable at the rate of £20. – Black Frog Studio’s holds no rights or has no part in the use of your track after it is in your possession. All rights and use of the track and backing track must be held responsible with the person who has recorded the track and has agreed to its usage.

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