Live Music Videos

Live Music Videos from only £60 for solo/duo acoustic and £100 for bands

Social media is such a big part of getting your self known these days and having good content is essential to give yourself the professional impression you need. Venues and music festivals all want to see a live performance of you so they can see what your like. Sending a video from one of your fans stood at the back of one of your gigs never creates a great impression giving a poor image and sound quality.

Full music video can prove to be very costly with minimal or no return, Blackfrog Studios want to make it easier for you and are offering great deals on Live music videos that sound and look professional but at a rate that won’t break the bank.

Solo/duo Acoustic rates:

1 song – £60.00
2 songs £100.00
3 songs £130.00

Band rates:

1 song – £100.00
2 songs – £160.00
3 songs – £200.00

Blackfrog Studios have the facility to film and record either in a studio environment or out and about. Above are studio rates, on a location somewhere increases the price. For full pricing of video on location please contact us.
Full 4k Music videos are also available with prices from £300.00 please contact us for an accurate quote and to discuss you project in detail. Video examples are below:

Live Music Videos

Official Music Videos

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