Links to bands, artists and companies that Blackfrog find useful. Short Stack Publishing, Full Circle, Handprint Marketing, Palahniuk, Nikki King, 1st Thursday Music Club, Haunted Tranquility

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Thame Institute Of Music

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Music Production Workshop

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Podcasting is a great way to get your business known, it can be attached to your digital news letter allowing many different angles to reach your audience, or be downloadable from your website to talk about anything you would like you audience to know about.

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Record a Demo

There comes a time for almost every band when having a good demo CD becomes essential for getting more gigs, increasing exposure and building a solid fan base.

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Corporate Voiceovers

Many businesses and companies are turning to audio to promote sales, increase brand awareness, or to assist in the development of their work force.
Blackfrog Studios has many years experience in recording voiceovers for a variety of projects. Some examples of how voiceovers could work for you and your company are – Audio / Visual Voiceover, Powerpoint Presentations, Audio Books, Training Materials, Radio / Television Adverts, Podcasts

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BFS Records

BFS Records is a cutting-edge independent record label. We provide our handpicked musicians with forward-thinking services and flexible recording contracts to suit all artists.

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Practice Rooms

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